Certification authority PostSignum

Do you need an „electronic signature“? Do you want to online communicate with public administration authorities? Buy the qualified certificate PostSignum QCA now.

Do you need SSL certificate for your web server (postal or another)? Do you want to send someone encrypted e-mails? Are you looking for save way how to verify into your internal system? Buy the public certificate PostSignum VCA now.

Qualified time stamp connects e-document with time point of its formation and guarantees that specific e-data existed in that time point. That is why it is very useful supplement to electronic signature.

Benefits of the service

Wide range of uses - you can use qualified certificates for example while communication with tax office, courthouse, Czech social security administration, Customs administration and many others.

Paperwork only at the beginning - paper documents needed for verification customer’s and user’s identity are required only while concluding the contract and the first edition of the certificate, after that you can already ask for subsequent edition online.

Certificate edition under control - employees of the organization can’t have the certificate edited until the established representative gives them permission. He has also a competence to invalidate certificates of employees who couldn’t or didn’t want to do it themselves.

Providing services at customer’s place - you have the possibility to order Mobile registration authority which provides required services at place you determine yourself.

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